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Kryptos Private Messenger
The messenger resists the most widespread kinds of information threats — message interception and correspondence history extraction. The smartphone gyroscope takes part in the key generation at all stages of encryption and data transmission. Message history can be instantly deleted without leaving a trace.
Special security status of your correspondence
Creating the messenger, first of all, we thought of the fact that during communication, a person will pass on important information. Passwords, card data, and keys to crypto-wallets — if these data fall into the hands of bad actors, a person can lose large sums of money or years of work.

The main task we set for ourselves is not just to minimize the possibility of interception of these data, but to make it impossible. The messenger was tested by either individual employees or a team of specialists in different hacking scenarios. After going through several stages of testing, we offer a fully finished product and guarantee the complete security of its use.
Are all correspondence and data stored on servers or locally?
Correspondence is stored on the server, while the keys to decrypt it - are on users' phones. So it turns out that we keep our eggs in different baskets - the correspondence on cell phones is stored only in RAM and irretrievably deleted after minimizing the application.
What if I delete messenger? Will I lose all my important correspondence?
If you don't want to lose your data, you should create a Backup in "Options" and remember the code.
Do you use secure protocols for encryption and data transfer?
We use symmetric (AES-256 CBC) and asymmetric encryption (ECDH).
Currently, I use Telegram and secure mode. What makes your messenger more secure?
Telegram can be intercepted by texting, and it is absolutely accessible for extraction from your phone with special data recovery software. Just turn the on-air mode on your smartphone and try to scroll through your Kryptos and Telegram correspondence. The strength of Telegram protection on your smartphone is equal to protecting your phone with a lock code.
You are the creators of the messenger. It seems that you have access to all the correspondence of everyone who uses the messenger?
The messenger was created thereby, so the server doesn't take any part in key distribution. Therefore, we have no idea what and to whom our users write. You can also buy a license for a messenger server and install our software on your infrastructure.
SSG Encrypted Messages
An email correspondence service uses links to encrypted messages, files, or chats instead of plaintext. It guarantees complete protection of correspondence without any possibility of breaking the encryption. No one except you and your correspondence partner can read the text.
Special security status for your correspondence
  • Password protection against interception of messages
  • Protection of transmitted information from storing in correspondence history
  • Random number generator to enhance encryption
  • Ability to create double-bottom messages
The Fondom Project
To delete your profile from Facebook is hard enough. There is a solution to "you may eat the fish and not wet your feet."
If you use The Fondom Project for your profile, Mark won’t be able to analyze your posts, private messages, or show you ads.
Digital condom for your Facebook profile
While using the Fondom project, you remain private in your open social media life, but at the same time, Facebook has no access to your posts, messages, or likes, no annoying political ads, no digital censorship, and saving your phone’s battery life.

Using Fondom, you get responsive design, personalized settings, in-app support, and a battery-friendly mode for your smartphone.
How does your service work?
We use the Open PGP protocol for encryption - your app holds private keys, and Facebook sends public keys - so they don't have access to drag contact.
Do you collect my data?
NO, we don't have access to them because we don't get your encryption keys.
How are you going to make money?
You just buy the app after the three-day trial period if you like it.
Is it legal to use your app?
Yes, as long as you are not a specific recipient of your content on Facebook, then that means, you can do whatever you want with it.
Do you get my Facebook login credentials?
No, we don't use any third-party servers - you log in to your account directly from the Facebook website.
Can Facebook block your app?
No, we don't have a connection to the API. We work with the webview framework, and we have web page scanners if something changes in the code.
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