Kryptos Private Modem 4G Wi-Fi
The modem provides privacy on the Internet right out of the box. You can protect your Internet activity with a built-in VPN and Firewall. This type of protection is perfect if you work with crypto-currencies and important banking transactions.
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Secure Internet from the box
Tech Specs
5000 mAh
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Ethernet Port
QCA9531, @650MHz SoC
2 x Internal full-band antennas (700MHz ~ 2.7GHz, 300Mbps)
4G Antenna
Advantages of using a modem
Operating time
A powerful 5000 mAh battery provides you with up to 6 hours of continuous running of the device.
Ease of use
You only need to select SIM/WAN source for incoming Internet and turn the device on!
Firewall + OpenVPN + WireGuard
Securely protection of your data by using advanced encryption.
What might you need a modem for?
Without specific settings, it is impossible to use a VPN on your smartphone without regular leaks of the actual IP address. The result is the account blocking by IP address. Our modem will help in such situations.
At the airport, free WiFi can be compromised — such modem solves the problem. No one can tell from the traffic what you’re doing on the Internet — even if you send crypto-currencies or go to the exchange.
You do not depend on the network settings of your smartphone or PC — change them as much as you want. Your traffic is safe against any breaks or leaks of the actual IP address.
The main objectives, we wanted to solve for this modem are ease of use and secure data protection. You may use this modem right out of the box. You only need to insert any SIM card, and you get access to safe and secure use of the Internet. To ensure your privacy, we built-in Firewall + OpenVPN + WireGuard.
Will my Internet speed be slower because of VPN or other features?
Any encryption slows down the Internet speed. We use WireGuard technology, which is much faster than OpenVPN, and speed should be 20-30 mB/s. It is enough for comfortable working with documents, surfing the Internet, and messenger calls.
Do I have to pay for the built-in features separately? Or do I only pay for the Internet?
The first year of VPN is included in the modem price. The fee is 100$/year beginning from the second year. You have to make sure that your cable or SIM card Internet works.
Will I be able to turn off the privacy features and use the device as a regular modem?
You can reset all security settings, and it will become a regular modem without any security features. But in this case, you will have to pay for reconfiguration separately.
I use the modem in a public place. Can bad actors connect to my Internet and get my data?
If you use your devices only with our modem, you have nothing to worry about.
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