Privacy Policy

Kryptos Messenger utilizes state-of-the-art security and end-to-end encryption to provide private messaging to users worldwide (“Services”). Your messages are always encrypted, so they can never be shared or viewed by anyone but yourself and the intended recipients.

Information you provide

Account Information. Kryptos Messenger doesn’t use central database with users’ private data (name, phone, e-mail etc.). There are a lot of attacks on central databases so we make them impossible by just not keeping this data. Users exchange their data peer-to-peer. This means the user cannot just search for someone in the database. He should scan another user's qr-code or copy-paste one-time invite token to begin communication instead.

Messages. Kryptos Messenger cannot decrypt or otherwise access the content of your messages. Kryptos Messenger queues end-to-end encrypted messages on its servers for delivery to devices that are temporarily offline (e.g. a phone whose battery has died). Your message history is stored encrypted on the server and encryption keys are stored on the device.

Contacts. User create a new private/public key pair for each new contact. This allows to protect users from data leakage in case if some of his peers get compromised.

Managing your information. You can manage your personal information in Kryptos’s application Settings. For example, you can update your profile information or choose to enable additional privacy features like a Change Password.

Information we may share

Third Parties. We don’t share any content with third parties and don’t collect any data from users.