The RedPhone offers the unique functionality of changing the IMEI, MAC address and other key identifiers, including the serial number, make and model of the device. This ensures maximum anonymity of the user, protecting him from possible tracking. The integrated VPN and Firewall guarantee the privacy of internet activity, making it an ideal choice for those who value privacy. Thus, RedPhone becomes an ideal tool for users who seek anonymity in the digital space.
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Secure Internet right out of the box
Product characteristics
Operating System
Android 12
Internal memory (ROM)
Screen size (diagonal)
Dimensions (size)
172,2 x 83,9 x 12,9mm
MediaTek Helio P90
Advantages of using RedPhone
Duration of work
A powerful battery of 6150 mAh provides up to two days of active work.
Change of identifiers
Unique ability to change IMEI, MAC address, serial number, make and model of the device.
Firewall and VPN
Integrated Firewall and VPN functions turn the RedPhone into an untraceable Wi-Fi modem.
Double bottom function
An additional level of security. Hides programs and files, strengthening the protection of information.
Tor Browser Integration
RedPhone is equipped with Tor Browser for safe surfing on the TOR network.
Geolocation changing
Ability to replace geolocation to protect the user's real location.
No Google integration
The lack of integration with Google services ensures that Google cannot track your activity.
Water and dust protection
Increased resistance to water and dust increases the reliability of the smartphone in extreme conditions.
Why you might need a smartphone with advanced anonymity functions?
Protection from IP leaks and blocks using VPN and Firewall: Our smartphone is equipped with an integrated VPN and firewall, which provides reliable protection against real IP address leaks. Thanks to the Wi-Fi modem function, the smartphone can also create an additional Wi-Fi network, allowing other devices to surf the Internet safely and anonymously. With the ability to change IMEI, SIM card and MAC address, our smartphone significantly increases your anonymity, effectively hiding your presence on the Internet and protecting against external threats.
Changing identifiers such as IMEI, MAC address, serial number, make and model, geolocation is a key aspect for bypassing various anti-fraud systems. This allows your device to appear new every time for services and social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. This way, you can manage multiple accounts, minimizing the risk of blocking and avoiding the need to purchase new devices to support different profiles. This feature is especially useful for users who need to maintain multiple online personas and accounts as part of their business, saving time and resources.
Ease of use and reliable data protection: Our smartphone is designed to provide maximum convenience and security right out of the box. Simply insert any SIM card and you will have access to a secure and reliable Internet connection. We have integrated Firewall, OpenVPN and WireGuard to ensure privacy. In addition, the functions of changing IMEI, MAC address and other identifiers, as well as the lack of integration with Google services, strengthen anonymity and protect against any external threats. The "double bottom" function and the ability to use the smartphone as an invisible Wi-Fi modem make it an ideal tool for those who value privacy and security in the digital world.
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