Kryptos Private Flash
Kryptos Private Flash is affordable out-of-the-box protection from hacker attacks and industrial espionage for the average user. It has the same features as Kryptos Private Laptop except for BIOS/camera/mic/USB hardware protection.
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Secure Internet right out of the box
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Advantages of using a flash
Best security
We considered all hacking scenarios and prevented them all.
Ease of use
We took out of the flash everything excessive, so why anyone can use it.
The flash drive is protected against any kind of hacking completely. In addition, all the information on the device never changes — this means that viruses cannot infect the device and follow you whatever you do. After you restart your computer, the entire session and files are deleted permanently.
How will your devices protect from raiders?
I'm sure that different crypto wallet apps and exchanges are on your laptop currently. Probably you've encrypted your hard drive and installed antivirus. But what if you are "asked" to turn on your device and show everything? In England, you can get three years in prison for refusing to do so. And if are these ordinary bandits? Options are few... . With our flash drive, you don't have to worry about multiple iterations and work calmly with your crypto-currencies. In case when your flash drive is lost or stolen, it is impossible to find out for what work you used it. Under coercion, you can always go into the wallet with the lowest balance - because no one will check your version of events.
What's the difference between a Tails flash drive and a Kryptos Private Flash?
The Tails flash drive has no hardware store files protection and can be hacked even in use - difficult but not impossible. Although the drivers set inside it are limited enough - no one will add drivers specifically for your laptop model - the Internet network may not work on your laptop model at all. Inside is a very scarce set of software - without special knowledge, you cannot add new software to the assembly. In our case, we adapt the flash drive completely to your main laptop or PC - we profess an individual approach to the customer and service.
Will I need to configure anything when I receive the product?
Almost every device was already configured securely, and the user manual will be provided.
Why do I need your flash drive when I have a Macbook? They are impossible to hack.
It is possible to hack everything - it's a matter of price/time/money. Who says you haven't been hacked at the moment? After all, a hacker can wait for a couple of months to monitor your activity. If your laptop has a hard drive, then that means, it is possibly can be hacked. Working with our flash drive, never save files to your laptop's hard drive - it's better physically remove it or disconnect it. Antivirus helps very little - hackers are always a few steps ahead in technology and attack methods. We have been approached by traders asking us to check their Macbooks for viruses - large sums of money have been stolen and quite proficiently. It is impossible to hack a mechanical light switch – it is this ideology behind our Kryptos Private Flash.
I am not very advanced in IT - will I be able to use your products?
It's all a matter of understanding its value to you and in a habit. You can't harm yourself or your device by clicking on Trojan links and downloading unfamiliar files. We provide a step-by-step manual on how to use our products. It isn't in the public domain in order not to give the opponents extra data.
You create a security program on my device. Will you have access to my data?
No, the access to data from your devices does not go to any servers. We do not receive any data from you. We are always open to any audits at the expense of users about this issue.
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