The GreenPhone smartphone, powered by CalyxOS, is an innovative approach to mobile privacy and security. It combines advanced privacy technology with ease of use, making it an ideal choice for those who value privacy but don't want to sacrifice functionality and convenience.
GreenPhone is the choice for conscious users seeking a high level of privacy without compromising the ease of use of a smartphone in everyday life.
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GreenPhone: Optimal Balance of Privacy and Convenience
Product characteristics
Operating system
Android 12
Internal memory (ROM)
128 Gb 256 Gb, 512 Gb
Screen size (diagonal)
1440 x 3120
Dimensions (size)
162,9 x 76,6 x 8,9 mm
Google Tensor G2
Benefits of using GreenPhone
Enhanced security
GreenPhone with CalyxOS offers enhanced privacy features, including customizable privacy settings and control over app access to data and system functions.
Ease of use
Unlike other secure OSes, CalyxOS strikes a balance between improved privacy and user experience while maintaining the familiar Android experience.
Independence from Google Services
CalyxOS minimizes dependence on Google by using MicroG to support applications that require Google services without having to use those services directly.
Compatible with Android apps
GreenPhone remains compatible with most Android applications, giving users freedom of choice and a wide range of options.
Regular security updates
CalyxOS is supported by regular updates to protect against new threats and vulnerabilities.
Why you may need a smartphone with advanced anonymity features?
You are a representative of a large company conducting confidential business negotiations. GreenPhone with CalyxOS becomes your ideal partner for enhanced privacy. Using CalyxOS' advanced privacy features ensures that your conversations and data remain safe from unauthorized access. With MicroG, you can use the apps you need without being directly exposed to Google services.
You are an active user of social networks and instant messengers and want to keep your personal data safe. GreenPhone becomes your protector as regular security updates CalyxOS ensures your smartphone has the latest security updates to avoid potential security threats. You can stay connected to your favorite apps, knowing your data remains under control with advanced privacy features.
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