The BluePhone smartphone with GrapheneOS operating system is the pinnacle of technological progress in the field of mobile security. Its main advantage is protection from forensics and forensic research. BluePhone provides maximum user anonymity and protection of his personal data thanks to advanced security technologies.
BluePhone is ideal for users who seek absolute privacy and security in the digital world. It provides unparalleled levels of security, making it the most secure phone in the world.
1000 USD
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Unmatched Security and Privacy
Product characteristics
Operating system
Android 12
128 Gb, 256 Gb, 512 Gb
Screen size (diagonal)
Screen resolution
212 gr
48 Mp
Dimensions (size)
162,9 x 76,6 x 8,9 mm
Google Tensor G2
5000 mAh
Benefits of using BluePhone
Enhanced security
BluePhone with GrapheneOS includes a number of security enhancements not found in stock Android. This includes improved isolation mechanisms, protection against exploitation of vulnerabilities, and a strengthened permissions system.
The GrapheneOS operating system focuses on protecting user privacy. This is achieved by limiting app access to data and system functions, and by providing tools to control the data that apps can collect.
Open source
GrapheneOS is an open source project, allowing a community of developers and security experts to analyze and improve it.
Compatible with Android apps
Despite enhanced security measures, BluePhone with GrapheneOS remains compatible with most Android apps, allowing users to use the apps they're familiar with.
Independence from Google
Although GrapheneOS is based on Android, it aims to minimize dependence on Google services by providing alternative solutions for core functions.
Why you may need a smartphone with advanced anonymity features?
You are in a cafe with public Wi-Fi. You have sensitive corporate information on your smartphone that could be accessed by criminals. BluePhone is an ideal choice due to the fact that the GrapheneOS operating system on which BluePhone runs has a high level of protection against cyber threats, making it a reliable means of avoiding potential attacks. Built-in VPN and firewall keep your internet connection private, allowing you to safely use public Wi-Fi and reducing the risk of sensitive information leaking.
You decide to enjoy the Carpathian landscapes, go on vacation to a resort where access to the Internet may be limited and potentially dangerous to your privacy. You have sensitive personal information stored on your phone and you want to stay connected to the world without the risk of data leakage. BluePhone becomes the ideal companion because it is protected from moisture and dust, making your smartphone resistant to extreme conditions, allowing you to stay connected in any natural mountain conditions. Also with the ability to spoof geolocation, BluePhone allows you to remain anonymous even when you are far from the network, preventing your real location from leaking.
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