Protective glass Antispy
Protective glass for your smartphone screen completely will protect the screen content from prying eyes. The screen is only visible if you look directly at it. Also, the glass completely protects from video surveillance cameras.
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Secure Internet right out of the box
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Advantages of using a glass
Peep protection
The smartphone screen is only visible if you look directly at it.
Camera protection
Even the best surveillance cameras will not be able to see your smartphone screen.
Screen protection
In addition to protecting the privacy of your smartphone screen, the glass also protects it from falls and scratches.
What might you need the glass for?
Surveillance cameras in various institutions — on video, you can see the entered password to unlock the phone.
At court hearings, journalists watch what lawyers or prosecutors write.
At the Verkhovna Rada, deputies or politicians are peeped.
Peeping by a jealous guy (girl) sitting next to you.
How can I stick glass?
The set comes with tools for easy gluing of the glass. Also, you can glue the glass at any hardware store for a fee.
Does glass damage my smartphone screen?
Glass does not affect the screen in any way. Moreover, even you won't notice the difference if you look at the display at the right angle.
For which models of smartphones can I buy glass?
We sell glass for the most popular product lines from Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. But you can separately specify the availability of glass for your smartphone.
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