Hackers stole tokens for $2.7 million worth from NFT owner

Thirteen non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a total value of about $2.7 million were stolen from collector Larry Lawliet.

The bad actor appeared to trick Lawliet into signing fake transactions that granted them access to his NFTs.

In the first place, hackers took control of the Discord server of another NFT collection called Moschi Mochi to post a fake announcement about an extra mint of 1,000 NFTs.

Lawliet sent 0.49 ETH in exchange for 14 NFTs. Among the transactions for confirmation, the cybercriminals sent a fraudulent link, providing full access to the wallet.

After the victim signed everything, the bad actors withdrew Lawliete's NFTs. These included seven Bored Ape, five Mutant Apes, and one Doodle.

Security experts advise always checking the details and using wallets containing insignificant amounts of money during such transactions to avoid such situations.
Previously, an unknown person stole three NFTs from the son of Animoca Brands' co-founder using a phishing link.