DataLocker Sentry K300 micro SSD USB 3.1 Flash Drive



DataLocker Sentry K300 is an innovative product that includes all the features of XTS AES 256-bit hardware encryption, an OLED display that allows you to see the characters you enter and control the drive settings, also a SafeConsole centralized management system. The Sentry K300 is a cross-platform drive that is compatible with most operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Chromebook, and embedded systems that have a USB port. The device has its own power, which allows to use it as a boot device under the control of operating systems: Windows To Go, Ubuntu Linux, and local operating systems.

Administrator and user PIN passwords
The device supports alphanumeric administrator and user PIN passwords. The administrator password provides full drive controlling rights, while the user password provides limited rights. Therefore, it is recommended to use the user's PIN password continuously. Both administrator and user passwords must be at least seven characters long. The administrator can set the strict password functionality when letters and numbers are required. If the administrator or user forgot their PIN password, the drive can be reset to the factory settings. However, all data will be deleted from the device in this case.

Read-only feature
You can configure the DataLocker Sentry K300 to be read-only. In this case, the user will not be able to change this functionality. The drive also has a read-only feature, where the user can install this functionality independently. It is often necessary when it needs to restrict access to the disk in order to prevent virus infection.

Auto-lock feature
If the device is inactive during a certain period of time, the device can be locked. Depending on the device settings, this lock time ranges from 10 minutes to 180 minutes. The administrator can set up the lock time for the in-active device.

Self-destruct feature
If the administrator or user enters a PIN code incorrectly 20 times in a row, the device realizes that it is under brute force attack and resets the encryption keys. Afterward, it is impossible to restore the data. In case of five incorrect PIN attempts, the device temporarily locks and requires reconnecting the USB port. After seventeen attempts, the device reports a brute force attack. On the 20th attempt, all Sentry K300 data will be deleted.

Boot Mode
You can purchase and configure the DataLocker Sentry K300 drive in the boot feature of the operating system. For this, the drive is set in the Boot Mode.

Centralized SSD management - SafeConsole
All DataLocker Sentry K300 models can be connected to a centralized management console that allows you to control the security policy of the device: change user passwords, restrict the use of drives on specific IP addresses, remotely destroy encryption keys for lost devices, restrict the types of files to store, control the drive geolocation, get a report on recorded and deleted files from the drive, connect an anti-virus software. This functionality is very useful for distributed infrastructure when users work with important information outside the office.
Licenses for SafeConsole can be purchased separately and have two licensing models Cloud and On-Prem. Depending on customer requirements, it can be used as a cloud console or deployed the software in your organization.


Vendor: DataLocker Inc.

Media Capacity: 16GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Model: Without control, With control

Encryption Type: XTS AES 256-bit

Interface: USB 3.1

Certifications: FIPS 197 Certified, TAA Compliant, FCC, CE, KCC, RoHS, WEEE, RCM (AS/NZS CISPR 32), IC (ICE-003), IP57

Supported OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Chromebook, Citrix Ready (XenApp, XenDesktop compatible)

Administrator Password: Available

User Password: Available

Centralized management: Available

Bootable OS: Available

Record protection: Available

Auto-lock: Available

Self-destruct feature: Optional

Physical tamper protection: Available

Dust and Water Protection: IP57

Maximum read | record speed: 220 MB/s | 200 MB/s

Case Material: Metal

Warranty: 36 months

Restore password: Not Available

Onboard PIN Authentication: Available

Protected microprocessor Common Criteri: Not Available

LxWxH: 101x22x13 mm

Weight: 30 g